Honaker Aviation Indiana KJVY

Honaker Aviation Indiana!

Honaker Aviation

7001 Airport Drive

Sellersburg, Indiana


Ofc. Phone (812)246-7456

After Hours Phone (502)558-1260

Honaker Aviation is a Fixed Base Operator (FBO) located in Southern Indiana, at the Clark County Regional Airport (JVY), eight minutes from Downtown Louisville, Kentucky. Boasting the largest jet charter service in the area the management and staff of highly trained personnel can help with all of your travel needs.

 From learning to become a pilot or buying and selling jets, Honaker Aviation has the tools and experience you need. Open Monday thru Friday from 5:00 am to 10:30 pm Saturday and Sunday 7:00 am to 9:00 pm, after hours service available,  Honaker Aviation offers a diverse menu of services such as:

  • fueling
  • maintenance
  • hangar storage
  • luxury pilot and owners rooms
  • meeting and conference rooms with catering available
  • charter flights
  • jet management programs with highly trained maintenance, full time compliance director, pilot services insurance and more! When your jet is sitting on the ground it could be generating revenue in one of the charter programs to help offset the price of jet ownership

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You may reach the point where you want to weigh the options of Charter vs Ownership. Honaker Aviation is the largest broker of business aircraft in the area, the highly knowledgeable and experienced staff will guide you through all your options and help you make the right choices!

Aircraft Shares available! Yes you heard that right, Honaker Aviation has designed Fractional Jet Ownership programs to fit your needs, even for under fifty hours of flight time per year. Although aircraft share programs have  been around for decades Honaker Aviation has developed a network of local ownership programs to help avoid the national and regionally owned programs.

Aircraft Charter Service second to none! With the largest jet charter fleet in Louisville, Ky and Southern Indiana you can enjoy first class flight status in luxury jets with all the amenities!

Dream of becoming a pilot? Honaker Aviation offers pilot training to help you earn your FFA issued pilot certificate. The experienced team of flight instructors have trained hundreds of pilots and can help make your dream come true, whether it’s to be a career pilot or just to fly the skies on weekends.

When you need reliable ground transportation from Honaker Aviation call Paul’s Taxi Cab Service! I have provided excellent customer service to guests of the Clark County Airport for seventeen years and you can rest assured that you’ll receive first class treatment when you call me!

Call Paul,s Taxi Service  (812)697-5296

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