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Fort Knox Ky
Fort Knox taxi cab! I’m Paul and I’m proud of our troops! To say thanks for all they do, just present your military I.D. and you can take a taxi from Fort Knox KY, to downtown Louisville, a cab from Fort Knox KY, to the Louisville airport or a taxicab from Fort Knox KY, to the Louisville Greyhound Bus Station for a flat rate of $75.00!

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The Belle Of Louisville

Hi my name is B. Jones I’m a former Louisville cab driver. Out of all the places that I’ve taken people, the Belle of Louisville has to be one of the most interesting and definitely the most beautiful!!!
The Belle of Louisville is owned and operated by the city of Louisville in Kentucky and is docked at it’s downtown location next to Riverfront Plaza/Belvedere.

The Belle of Louisville is the oldest operating steamboat in the world. Though she’s known today as the Belle of Louisville, she was originally named the Idlewild when she was built back in 1914. She was built by James Rees and Sons Company in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania for the West Memphis Packet Company. The Idlewild was first put into service on October 18th, 1914 on the Allegheny river.

The Idlewild was designed to be a ferry and day packet vessel (for freight work) and was also set up for her later career as an excursion boat. Constructed with an all steel superstructure and asphalt main deck, the steamboat is said to hold the all time record in her class for miles traveled, years in operation and number of places visited.
She was able to travel every navigable inland waterway, earning her the distinction of being the most widely traveled river seamboat in the nation. The Belle of Louisville was registered in the national register of historic places in 1972 and on June 30th,1989 and was named a national historic landmark.

As the Idlewild she operated as a passenger ferry between Memphis Tennessee and West Memphis Arkansas, she also hauled cargo such as cotton,lumber and grain. She first came to Louisville in 1931 and ran trips between Fountain Ferry amusement park (no longer in existence) near downtown Louisville and Rose Island Resort about 14 miles upriver from Louisville.

The Idlewild operated a regular excursion schedule from 1934 through world war two. During the war she was outfitted with special equipment to push oil barges along the river. She also served as a floating U.S.O. nightclub for troops stationed at military bases along the Mississippi river.

After the war in 1947, the Idlewild was sold to J. Herod Gorsage and was renamed the Avalon which was the death bed wish of Capt. Ben Winters. Capt. Ben Winters had a heart attack in the wheel house of the Idlewild and shortly after died in the captains quarters. Rumor is that the Captain still haunts the boat to this day. A former employee said that one night, while staying late to do paperwork, that the Captain appered in front of him. Only for a few seconds, but I guess that’d be enough, right. I don’t know about you, but I would consider it to be an added bonus if I was on a cruise and the Captain appeared lol…

So now known as the Avalon, the steamboat would make regular trips along the major rivers of the south,east and midwest. By 1962 the Avalon had fallen into disrepair and might have seen the end of her days, when Jefferson county Judge Marlow Cook bought her at an auction for $34,000 dollars.

She then came to Louisville and was rechristened and the Belle Of Louisville was born.

The Belle then underwent major restorations, the work on the boat was supervised by marine architect Alan L,Bates now, Capt. Bates. Prior to the auction, the boats hull had been condemned as unfit by the U.S.Coastguard. Concrete patches had added much weight to the already damaged hull, as had many years of accumulated modiifications to the decks and fittings of her superstructure. These were stripped and repaired in dry dock or removed by volunteers.

What remained was cleaned, surface prepared and supplied with new finish carpentry and painted in a style consistent with the boats 20th century origins. On April 30th, 1963 the Belle of Louisville took her first cruise, it was in a race against the Cincinnati steamboat the Delta Queen.

The race was the beginning of an unparalleled river tradition. To this day on the Wednsday before the Kentucky derby the Belle of Louisville and another steamboat which was usually the Delta Queen, until 2009 when she was retired and he Belle of Cincinnati took her place in the competition. Known as the great steamboat race it has become a very important part of the Kentucky Derby Festival, even though at first the Kentucky Derby Festival officials were reluctant to make the boat race part of the festivities.

It seems that in old times a “boat race” referred to a horse race that was won by cheating, but luckily they got over that and we get to see both. I have found the results of all the races since 1963 here they are:

Delta Queen

Belle of Louisville

Delta Queen

Delta Queen

High water led to race cancellation.

Delta Queen

Belle of Louisville

Belle of Louisville

Belle of Louisville

Belle of Louisville

Delta Queen

Delta Queen

Belle of Louisville

Julia Belle Swain

Delta Queen

Delta Queen

Belle of Louisville

Belle of Louisville

Belle of Louisville

Natchez-New Orleans
Three-boat race

Belle of Louisville

Delta Queen
Belle of Louisville received a bomb threat and had to pull into Cox’s Park, evacuating 613 passengers.

Delta Queen

Delta Queen

Belle of Louisville

Belle of Louisville

Delta Queen

Delta Queen

Belle of Louisville

Delta Queen

Belle of Louisville

Delta Queen

Belle of Louisville

Belle of Louisville
Race shortened due to high water levels on the Ohio.[9]

Delta Queen

Belle of Louisville

Spirit of Jefferson

Belle of Louisville

Delta Queen

Belle of Louisville
Belle of Cincinnati “initially won”, but was disqualified when “it was found out” that it was diesel powered, and thus not a steamboat.

Delta Queen
three boat race

Belle of Louisville

Belle of Louisville
Delta Queen was unable to come to Louisville due to high water levels on the Ohio.

Delta Queen

Belle of Louisville
The Delta Queen arrived at the finish line ahead of the Belle by 1.5 boatlengths, but because the Queen turned before it got to its turnaround buoy, the Belle was given the victory.

Delta Queen
The Belle of Louisville arrived at the finish line ahead of the Delta Queen, but because the Belle turned before it got to its turnaround buoy, the Queen was given the victory. 3 Boat Race.

Belle of Louisville
Belle of Cincinnati replaced Delta Queen, which has been retired.

Belle of Cincinnati
Score: 60 – 99

Belle of Louisville
High waters on the The Ohio River forced the race to be postponed to June 29, 2011. The Belle of Cincinnati was renamed The Belle of Kentucky, and, accordingly, she flew a Kentucky Wildcats banner covering “Belle of Cincinnati”, adding a UofL/UK rivalry flavor to the race (seeing as the owners of The Belle of Cincinnati are UK fans) as a means to increase interest in the event being held outside of the traditional time of year, The Kentucky Derby Festival.

Belle of Louisville
three boat race including the American Queen

Here’s an interesting little piece of information about the boat, in 1997 the belle was partially sunk at her moorings. A former crew member of the boat was convicted of sabotage. The former employee was ordered to serve 30 months in a federal prison,pay $987,818.32 in restitution and a one hundred dollar fine.

The proximate cause of the sinking was flooding of the hull via a city’s waterline left connected to a fitting that led into the boats hull. Thanks to the swift action of the steamers crew and members of the community the boat was rescued,repaired and returned to service in seven short months.

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Taxi Downtown Louisville to Horseshoe Indiana Casino $30.00

Night Skyline
You’re A Winner!
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Taxi From Louisville To Elizabethtown Ky, $90.00

Day Skyline
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Taxi From Louisville Ky, To Lexington Ky, $125.00

Taxi from Louisville to Lexington,OMG! Can you believe this!

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KFC Yum Center

yum center 3
Taxi to The KFC Yum Center located at One Arena Plaza Louisville Ky, built primarily for the University Of Louisville men’s basketball team opened as a multipurpose basketball arena October 10th, 2010

Built in the heart of downtown Louisville on a one and a half acre landscaped plaza, The Yum Center consists of over 721,000 square feet with 22,000 arena style seats filling 7 levels has 72 suites and 62 premium boxes. The Louisville Yum! Center also offers 33,926 square feet of meeting space in four rooms, Legends Room, Presidents Room, Hickman / Camp Room and The Spirit Room.

The 7 level arena boasts a state of the art event floor, lobby/plaza & main concourse, suite mezzanine, suite level upper concourse and catwalk level. There are six restaurant and lounges at Yum!, Burnetts V. Lounge, Evan Williams Bourbon Bar, Kentucky Ale Taproom, Woodford Reserve Club, Premium Box Lounge and Terrace Club Lounge. You can also enjoy the fares made available by Yum! Brands, who by the way paid 13.5 million dollars for naming rights, operates 7 concession stands including, KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut!

Construction started on the Louisville Kentucky KFC Yum! Center May 3rd 2007 and the arena opened Oct.10th 2010 and is the 5th largest college basketball arena in the nation and the 1st new sports and entertainment venue built in Louisville in 54 Years!

The record attendance for the Yum! Center is 22,803 (Uof L vs. U of K Dec. 31st, 2010) although The University of Louisville men’s basketball team are the main tenants of the arena, the U of L women’s volleyball program began part time use of the facility in 2011. The Arena has also become the main entertainment venue for concert goers and has hosted some of the worlds greatest performers, such as;

The inaugural concert featuring The Eagles

Lady Gaga

The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Taylor Swift

Carrie Underwood

Justin Bieber

and even Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus

These are impressive shows that have already been in The Yum! center but the great city of Louisville is not stopping there. The arena was home to 2nd and 3rd round NCAA men’s basketball tournament, the collegiate gymnastics championships and is currently hosting the NCAA indoor track and field championships, WOW!

Upcoming events include;

Bruce Springsteen

The Dave Mathews Band

The Who

Disney on Ice

For more info and to order tickets visit:

When you’re planning to attend a concert at The Yum Center make sure to allow plenty of time to visit beautiful downtown Louisville, whether you go before an event or after, there is plenty to see and enjoy! With many great restaurants on Main Street such as Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse, The Troll Under The Bridge Pub, O’Sheas and Impellizzeri’s Pizza and Italian Eatery.

Just a few short blocks away from The Yum! Center you’ll find 4th Street Live!, one of the regions fastest growing and most popular entertainment districts. At 4th Street Live! you can enjoy the traditional food court along with an array of restaurants and bars serving up great food and live entertainment.

Some of these great establishments include;

The Hard Rock Cafe

Maker’s Mark Bourbon House & Lounge

Sully’s Restaurant & Saloon

RI RA Irish Pub And Restaurant

Mozzaria Italian Eatery & Birreria

Howl At The Moon

For a complete list of restaurants and bars, events and menus check out the official site at

Hotels Near The KFC Yum! Center
If you’re coming in from out of town or live in the Metropolitan Louisville area and want to stay the night in downtown Louisville after a night at the Yum! Center, there are over 4,200 hotel rooms within walking distance of the arena. Louisville Hotels are second to none! With world renowned hotels such as;

The Brown Hotel

The Galt House Hotel

The 21c Museum Hotel

Your stay will be one to remember!

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Taxi Cab To The Yum Center