Taxi From LouisvilleTo The Abbey Of The Gethsemani $95.00!

winter ride to the abbey
$95.00 taxi ride from the Louisville Airport or from Downtown Louisville to The Abbey Of The Gethsemani.

This picture was taken last winter while I was taking a young lady on a cab ride from Louisville to the Abbey. It was such a beautiful blustery day to be driving to Trappist Ky, just outside of historic Bardstown Ky. The young lady had arrived from South Africa and was going for a retreat at Abbey of the Gethsemani, Retreats are available but have to be scheduled in advance due to their popularity.

Retreats with the monks at the abbey are silent, unstructured and undirected. Private consultations can also be arranged with a monk. During the retreat you can walk around the neatly kept gardens, listen to the monks chanting their prayers or visit the beautiful church. Founded in 1848 and formed as an abbey in 1851 it is the oldest Trappist Monastery in the United States. Speaking is only permitted in designated areas.

The Abbey of the Gethsemani is my favorite place to take folks, the minute my wheels hit the grounds a feeling of serenity and peacefulness overcomes me! With over 2000 acres of land and a beautiful church, there’s no place like it in Kentucky.

You can also visit the gift shop Gethsemani Farms, where you’ll find handcrafted cheeses, fruitcakes and bourbon fudges. Also available at the gift shop are books of poems and history of Abbey of the Gethsemani many by Thomas Merton, noted author and poet accredited for making the monastery famous.

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