Taxi to Cincinnati

Need a taxi cab to Cincinnati? Paul’s Taxi Service will take you from Louisville or Southern Indiana to Cincinnati airport for a flat rate of  $160.00! I’m Paul and when you call me I’ll give you the best rates you can get for a ride to Cincinnati, if you’re going somewhere other than CVG, twenty five percent off the metered rate or $160.00, whichever is the least amount.

When you call Paul’s Taxi Service you can rest assured that I’ll be on time and that your trip will be in a clean taxi, after all when you take a taxi cab you don’t want to get out smelling like one! I’ve been providing reliable taxi transportation for over 13 years and I know what my customers like, a safe driver that can hold an intelligent conversation, I even provide free WiFi if you need it!

So when your plans are set and you’re ready to go call Paul”s Taxi Service (812)557-2132

Your best choice for a taxi to Cincinnati.